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HSA Systems


MCH Messecenter Herning
Vardevej 1
7400 Herning

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  • hi Technology and Industry Expo
    okt 3 - okt 5
    Herning, Denmark
    Visit HSA Systems at hi Technology and Industry Expo
  • Interpack 2017
    maj 4 - maj 10
    Düsseldorf, Germany
    Visit HSA Systems at our two stands at Interpack
  • Printpack India
    feb 4 - feb 8
    NCR Delhi, India
    Visit Condot Systems Pvt. Ltd. at PRINTPACK India
  • Pharmtech 2016
    nov 22 - nov 25
    Moscow, Russia
    Printing Group demonstrates pharmaceutical print & verification at Pharmtech 2016
  • Empack 2016
    nov 23 - nov 24
    Madrid, Spain
    Jesmatec exhibits HSA printers at Empack
  • Congress of the World of the Cosmetics Industry
    nov 15 - nov 17
    Ożarów Mazowiecki, Poland
    TM Ink-Jet shows the PV650C at the Congress of the World of the Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Gulfood Manufacturing 2016
    nov 7 - nov 9
    Visit HSA Systems and Printivity Equipment Trading Llc at Gulfood Manufacturing
  • Pack Expo 2016
    nov 6 - nov 9
    Chicago, Illinois, USA
    HSAUSA showcases HSAJET printers at Pack Expo
  • Pharma TRACKTS! minds 2016
    sep 29 - sep 30
    Berlin, Germany
    Meet HSA Systems GmbH at Pharma TRACKTS! 2016
  • FachPack 2016
    sep 27 - sep 29
    Nuremberg, Germany
    Meet HSA Systems GmbH at FachPack
  • PacTec 2016
    sep 20 - sep 22
    Helsinki, Finland
    Dpi Coding Oy is showcasing at PACTEC 2016
  • Scanpack 2015
    okt 20 - okt 23
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Ink Service exhibits at Scanpack
  • FackPack 2015
    sep 29 - okt 1
    Nuremberg, Germany
    Meet HSA Systems GmbH at FackPack
  • Toyama General Manufacturing Industry Trade Fair 2015
    apr 23 - apr 25
    Toyama, Japan
    Technomark demontrates HSAJET Print & Verify solution
  • Cophex Korea 2015
    apr 21 - apr 24
    Seoul, Korea
    Sanho Machinery participates in Cophex 2015
  • Interphex USA 2015
    apr 21 - apr 23
    New York City
    HSAUSA showcases HSAJET pharma solution at Interphex 2015
  • Hispack 2015
    apr 21 - apr 24
    Barcelona, Spain
    Jesmatec and Trebol exhibit HSA products at Hispack 2015

hi Technology and Industry Expo

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HSA Systems showcases printing solutions at hi Technology and Industry Expo 2017 in Denmark.

hi is the biggest technology and industry expo in Scandinavia, which gathers not only the Danish industry but experiences an increased interest from the Scandinavian market.

On show, we will have our latest innovations within industrial printing applications. The focus is on high speed, high security and easy of use.

Here is a selection of our exhibits:

  • HSAJET® print and verification systems for handling of folded and unfolded pharmaceutical cartons

  • High speed print and verification of unique codes at 300m/min. with special high-speed printheads installed on an HS1000 vacuum conveyor (this system is judged a 2-star world news by the hi-expo jury)

  • Print stations with HSAJET® Premium printers, HSAJET® Micron printers and label dispensers for simple date coding as well as variable print of text, barcodes and graphics

  • HSAJET TTO - Thermal Transfer Overprinter

  • Vertical reel-to-reel machine with a total of 36 HSAJET® Premium printheads printing on the front and back of a paper reel at the same time

How small can the Danish Constitution be printed and still be readable?

Quite small, actually. See for your selves at our stand, where we are printing an extract of the Danish Constitution, where the words of the constitution form the word "HSA Systems". The print is made by 16 Premium printheads on our vertical reel-to-reel machine.

Win prizes at HSA Systems' stand

The paper reel, where we print the Danish Constitution, has security tags, which are usually used in the security printing industry for pin codes and other secret codes. At the hi-expo we will print secret codes on the security tags and use them as lottery tickets.

Drop by our stand, pick a number and see right away if you are among the lucky ones.


Visit us on stand L9166